For over 20 years, Vitaflo has been at the forefront of developing protein substitutes and low protein foods for those living with MSUD.

We work in partnership with health care professionals, children and adults with MSUD and their families, in order to create products that combine the best of cutting edge research with the lifestyle demands of modern living, ensuring the most acceptable products are available.

Our protein substitutes for MSUD include: gel, express and cooler. SOS and basecal are available for use in times of illness.

In addition we also have the Vitaflo Choices range of low protein foods: ProZero, Vitabite and Mini Crackers. Together, these help to add choice and flexibility to the MSUD diet. Click on the menu above to reach a product page directly or alternatively follow the patient journey to see which of our products are appropriate for the different age groups.

We are very aware that we live in an ever-changing world and we strive to evolve in order to meet your needs and to continue to develop products which offer choice and support in complying with a restrictive diet.

We love to hear from you. If you have any questions or feedback for us, please come and say hello at our stand at one of the many events we attend throughout the country, or email us via