During times of illness those with MSUD require an emergency regimen or emergency feed, as they are more commonly known. For them to work effectively, they must be made up accurately. Your dietitian will recommend the most appropriate product(s) and give you specific guidelines to follow when preparing and administering the emergency feeds. It is important that these instructions are followed carefully.

MSUD protein substitutes and separate sachets of valine/isoleucine to accompany the emergency feed are an important part of the emergency regimen in MSUD.

Vitaflo has easy-to-make up products for use in emergency feeds. Your dietitian will give you all the information you need.



SOS is a range of age-specific, pre-measured, powdered carbohydrate drinks.




Basecal is a powdered protein free feed available in 2 convenient pre-measured sachet sizes. It is designed to offer an accurate and simple way of providing protein free nutrition.


Some of the following products may be used to make up the emergency feed recipe. Your dietitian will advise you or your child if any of these supplements should be given and the amounts that you should use.


MSUD amino5™MSUD amino5

MSUD amino5 is a powdered amino acid supplement that is free from Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.



Amino acidsAmino acids

Isoleucine50 and Valine50 are powdered amino acid supplements.