What is MSUD express?

MSUD express is a concentrated, powdered protein substitute which when mixed with water is easily made into a drink. The volume can be adjusted to your own preference. MSUD express is available in two sachet sizes:

MSUD express15 contains the equivalent of 15 grams of protein

MSUD express20 contains the equivalent of 20 grams of protein

Both sachet sizes also contain all the vitamins and minerals that are needed to help meet your daily nutritional requirements.

Who is MSUD express for?

MSUD express is for children and adults with MSUD. It is suitable from 3 years of age onwards and can be taken through to adulthood, including pregnancy. Your dietitian will advise when is best for you or your child to move on to MSUD express. Although MSUD express is suitable from 3 years of age it is often introduced at school starting age or later if needed.

Why do I need to use MSUD express instead of continuing with a second stage protein substitute?

As we grow our nutritional requirements change, and this is no different for those with MSUD. Vitaflo products are tailored to meet these requirements in the most efficient way. Vitaflo want to make sure the right product is available at the right time to meet protein, vitamin and mineral requirements.

MSUD express meets nutritional needs in older children and adults and can replace the second stage protein substitutes, such as MSUD gel. MSUD express is more concentrated than MSUD gel so taking the recommended amount is easier.

How much MSUD express do I need?

The amount of MSUD express needed will depend on a variety of factors including age and weight. Initially, the amount needed may only be small but it will increase as you get older to support growth. Your dietitian will advise exactly how much MSUD express will be needed each day.

How do I make MSUD express?

Making MSUD express is easy! The great thing about MSUD express is that it can be made in a variety of ways. Below are instructions of how to make MSUD express up in three different ways to give you an idea of how to use it. But remember it’s your product; you can make it however you want!

MSUD express ‘paste’…. A few spoonfuls and it’s gone.

  1. Empty the contents of the sachet in to a beaker.
  2. Add 10ml of water if using MSUD express15 or 20ml of water if you are using MSUD express20
  3. Secure the lid on the beaker and shake well for 10 seconds.
  4. Consume with a spoon.*

MSUD express ‘mini’ drink…Great if you want to take it quickly

  1. Follow the steps above but add 80ml of water if using MSUD express15 and 100ml of water if using MSUD express20*

MSUD express ‘flexi’ drink…Make it to your own taste and volume

  1. Follow the steps to make express paste but add as much water as you like to begin with and over time find the best volume that suits you*

*Remember water or another permitted drink should be taken straight after MSUD express

What flavour is MSUD express?

MSUD express is available in unflavoured. MSUD express unflavoured can be flavoured using your own permitted flavourings or Vitaflo’s separate flavour pac sachets which are available in blackcurrant, orange, raspberry and tropical flavours.

What if I would prefer to take a ready-to-drink product?

MSUD express is a powdered protein substitute, which is great if you want the flexibility to make your protein substitute to your own preference. If you prefer convenience, and would like to use a liquid ready-to-drink protein substitute then MSUD cooler may be for you.

Other useful bits of information

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MSUD express is a food for special medical purposes and should be used under strict medical supervision.