What is MSUD gel?

MSUD gel is a concentrated, powdered protein substitute which when mixed with water is easily made to a low volume, smooth semi-solid consistency. One sachet contains the equivalent of 10 grams of protein, and also all the vitamins and minerals that are needed to help meet your child’s requirements.

Who is MSUD gel for?

MSUD gel is for children with MSUD from 6 months of age. MSUD gel can be taken up until your child is 10 years old, however your dietitian will advise when is best for them to switch over to their next protein substitute. This is usually around the age they start school.

Why does my dietitian want my child to try MSUD gel?

When your child is around 6 months of age your dietitian will help you start the process of introducing solid foods into your child’s diet, often called weaning. At this time your child will need to start introducing a second stage protein substitute alongside their leucine, isoleucine and valine-free infant formula that they will be taking from a bottle. MSUD gel is a second stage protein substitute that has been specifically developed to make this weaning process as simple and stress free as possible.

How much MSUD gel does my child need?

The amount of MSUD gel your child needs will depend on a variety of factors including their age and weight. Initially, they may only need a very small amount which will increase as they grow. Your dietitian will advise exactly how much MSUD gel your child will need each day.

How do I make MSUD gel?

Making MSUD gel is easy! Simply…

  1. Empty the contents of the sachet in to the beaker provided.*
  2. Add 30ml of cold water.
  3. Secure the lid on the beaker and shake well for 10 seconds.
  4. Leave to stand for two minutes for a smooth gel to form.
  5. Consume with a spoon.

Remember water or another permitted drink should be taken straight after MSUD gel.

*Don’t worry if you haven’t got a beaker yet, you can ask your dietitian and they can request that one is sent to you. If you have a beaker with a lid at home you can use that too.

What flavour is MSUD gel?

MSUD gel is unflavoured and can be introduced when your child is 6 months old. MSUD gel unflavoured can be flavoured using your own permitted flavourings.  Alternatively, when your child reaches 3 years of age try Vitaflo’s separate flavour pac sachets which are available in blackcurrant, orange, raspberry and tropical flavours.

Other useful bits of information

Click here to view our gel weaning guide which has lots of useful information about this stage in your child’s development. It also has some great hints and tips about how to introduce gel successfully from dietitians and other parents who have experienced weaning a child with an inborn error of metabolism.

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MSUD gel is a food for special medical purposes and should be used under medical supervision.